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North Region Director
Elaine Magner
[email protected]

PONY Baseball, West Zone SoCal North Region 
serves the following Southern California areas:

Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties; Conejo, SanFernando and Santa Clarita Valleys; the Cities of Burbank, Glendale, & Malibu. Our Web Page is intended to keep these leagues informed of events, and to display updated tournament information to our participants, fans and communities.

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Tournament Team Information

Shetland -  2019 Pre-Tournament Rules/Coach’s Agreement
Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony - 2019 Pre-Tournament Rules/Coach's Agreement

2019 - TTEA (Tournament Team Eligibility Affidavit) 
2019 - Binder and TTEA Information
2019 - Binder review signup page link
2018 - TTEA Self Chick List
2019 - Important Calendar Dates for 2019
2018 - Tournament Brackets
2019 - Coming Soon Tournament Dates & Information
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Spring 2018 Newsletter



Spring 2018 Newsletter

Where has time gone! May is here and all of our leagues are finishing up their regular season and some are in their playoffs, preparing for All Stars.
Below is a quick review of the rule changes that are in effect for 2018.


Bats - All tee ball bats with the USA stamp or sticker are legal for Shetland 4, 5 & 6 only.
Stickers are available for purchase if you currently have a tee ball bat that does not have the USA stamp. We have stickers available for $2.00 each so do not order any online.

All one-piece wood bats are legal.

2 1/4” and 2 5/8” bats are legal in all divisions as described below:
1. If a 2 5/8” is a minus 3, it must be BBCOR certified and stamped on the bat.
2. All other 2 5/8” bats (minus 5, minus 7, etc), and the 2 1⁄4” bats must be certified with the USABat licensing mark stamped on the bat.(The mark will be etched on the bat). Stickers are not acceptable.
3. All bats will be subject to testing at any time. All bats will be tested at the Zone and World Series level tournaments. In the North Region all bats will be tested at the Open Tournament and at the Region level tournaments for Pinto 7 and above. Testing will be doneprior to the start of the tournaments.

Pitching - Pitch Smart will be used. The full chart is available on the PONY website or in the PONY rule books.

The Presidents meetings were held last week and most of the all star teams are registered. There are still some questionable teams. We are working with the leagues to get firm numbers by May 15.

Please keep in mind the following:
- Players can only participate in ONE PONY League during the season. If you have players that are signed up with more than one league, they are ineligible to participate in All-Stars with ANY team. This is an issue every year.
- All players need Proof of Residence (utility, cable, etc), Medical Waiver, COPY of Birth Certificate or proof of birth.
- Dates for binder reviews and managers’ meetings are being finalized and will be posted soon.
- Your teams can expect travel to and from the Los Angeles, Riverside and/or Orange County areas for Super Region, Zone and some World Series Tournaments. Our Region tournaments for Shetland 6, Pinto 7 and Pinto 8 will be held at William S. Hart and the Mustang 9, Mustang, Bronco 11, Bronco, Pony 13 and Pony will be held at Camarillo. I realize these can be long commutes and there is no per-diem paid for the teams. Teams must be fully committed and should be prepared to bear the costs. Schedules are not adjusted to accommodate the teams that may have to drive further than others. Again, commitment from your players and coaching staff is a must.
- We recommend you begin notifying parents of the following rules that will be enforced during All Star Tournaments. These are just some of the rules that will be enforced but are the most common that are not followed. Notification to our parents prior to our All Star tournaments is our best avenue to help eliminate these problems. Enforcement during the regular season and Memorial Day weekend and pre-sanction tournaments will also help.
o No parents/siblings in the dugouts or field of play
o Discourage your parents from going to the dugouts to communicate with their children
o Allow the coaching staff to coach the team. They don’t need help. It is confusing
o Absolutely NO ALCOHOL
o Smoking in designated areas (if available) (City of LA has new ordinance banning smoking at all sporting events)
o Smokeless tobacco and E Type cigarettes are not allowed
o Remove unauthorized stickers on players’ helmets
o No artificial noisemakers (this includes boom boxes in this Region)
o Expect gate fees at all facilities – either pre-paid or actual gates
o Coach Pitch Bats are not allowed at any level

Once again, we will be hosting an Open Tournament for all divisions Pinto 8 and up with three or more teams. It is a non-elimination tournament. This will be a mandatory tournament for all advance baseball teams and will start on or about June 21 in Camarillo. Please consider entering your teams that advanced to the Super Region and above last year. The winners in each division will receive byes to the Region level tournaments.

Elaine Magner
Region Director
North Region
West Zone
PONY Baseball and Softball

[email protected]
(805) 832-2015

Spring 2018 Newsletter - PDF File

2018 Champions

Champions Photo Gallery - Click Here

2018 Shetland 5 Champions

Section - Northside
Region - Northside
Super Region - Fontana
World Series - Chino Hills

2018 Shetland Champions
District 1 - Bakersfield
District 2 - Westlake
District 3 - Newbury Park
Section 1 - North Valley
Section 2 - Northside
Section 3 - Simi Youth White
Region - Newbury Park
Super Region - Olive
World Series - Simi Valley Red

2018 Pinto 7 Champions
Section 1 - Westhills
Section 2 - Simi Youth Red
Region - Simi Valley Red
Super Region - Olive
World Series - Simi Valley
2018 Pinto Champions
OPEN ABL - Simi Youth Red
District 1 - North Valley
District 2 - East Valley
District 3 - Agoura
District 4 - Newbury Park White
Section 1 - East Valley
Section 2 - Westlake
Section 3 - Simi Youth White
Section 4 - Camarillo Gold
Region - East Valley
Super Region - East Valley
World Series - East Valley

2018 Mustang 9 Champions
Open/ABL - Westhills
Section 1 - Newbury Park Red
Section 2 - Newbury Park White

Region - Simi Youth Red
Super Region - Placentia
Zone - Miliani, HI
World Series - Miliani, HI

2018 Mustang  Champions
Open/ABL -
Simi Youth Red
District 1 - Hart Red
District 2 - El Rio
District 3 - Agoura
District 4 - Northside
Section 1 - Westhills Red
Section 2 - Newbury Park Red
Section 3 - Simi Youth White
Section 4 - Hart Red
Region - Simi Youth Red
Super Region - Placentia
Zone - Placentia
World Series - Tijuana, Mexico

2018 Bronco 11 Champions
Open/ABL - Santa Barbara Red
Section 1 -
Simi Valley
Region - Simi Youth Red
Super Region - Newport Beach
Zone - Escondido
World Series - Chicago, IL

2018 Bronco Champions
Open/ABL - Toluca Gold
District 1 - Sierra
District 2 - Hart
District 3 - Wilshire
Section 1 - Westhills
Section 2 - Wilshire
Section 3 - Simi Youth Red
Section 4 -  
Region - Toluca
Super Region - Redondo Sunset
Zone - East Oahu, Hi
World Series - Kaohsiung City, Taipei

2018 Pony 13 Champions
Open/ABL - El Rio Hawks Red
Section 1 - Simi Valley Red
Region - Simi Youth Red
Super Region - Heartwell
Zone - Placentia
World Series - Seoul, Korea

2018 Pony Champion
Open/ABL - Simi Youth Red
Section 1 - Ventura Coast

Section 2 - Quartz Hill

Region - Ventura Coast
Super Region -  Long Beach
Zone - Long Beach
World Series - Kaohsiung City, Taipei

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